So, this is where we have our big pitch to you. About how much better we are than the other guys and such. But, to be honest, that doesn’t really suit us. We’d rather tell you how we are different. So here’s some of our principles that have carried us through the 16 years we’ve been in business.

We start with a plan

We Start with a Plan

We always find it interesting that there are so many agencies that just jump in and start working. How can you do a good job without first asking questions and doing the proper research? When it comes to thought, many agencies stop at nothing. That is not us. We listen and ask and learn and research the problem you want to solve before we do anything else. Creating the proper plan is key to making sure the message is received accurately.

We are Content on the Edge

We’re Content on the Edge

Great ideas come from experimentation and not the boring, linear approach that most large agencies practice. The last thing we want to be accused of is playing it safe. Safe doesn’t get noticed because it’s usually not very good. Being a little unexpected will give your users a reason to remember you. It doesn’t need to be expensive or crazy out there, just a little bit dangerous. And let’s face it, we all kind of like those dangerous types, don’t we? ; )

We are not magicians

We’re Not Magicians

So many agencies want you to think that they operate behind a magical curtain and creativity can only come from whatever brew they concoct. The truth is, there’s no great and powerful oz (although our developers come up with some wickedly cool stuff sometimes in ways we’ll never quite understand). Creativity and ideas can come from anywhere and from anyone. Great things can happen when the creative process is considered a collaboration.

We like the little things

We Like the Little Things

There’s a quote that is appropriate here. ‘It’s about the little things. Is there anything bigger?’ Ok, so maybe that’s a little too touchy-feely but we relate to that when we tackle projects. For example, we don’t like to just build a functional site. We take the time to look at how we can create something that can be used as a foundation to build into something bigger. We don’t always get it all, but our goal is to always set up our clients for both short and long term success.

We are Straight Shooters

We’re Straight Shooters

The world is full of yes-men. They’ll always be around because some people need to feel validated about all their decisions, even the poor decisions. And although we want to be in all our clients’ good graces, we will always get there by the work we do. We have strong opinions and we’ll agree when we think you’re right and every once in awhile, we might disagree. And at times, we will make mistakes and we will always own up to them. Yep, we’re just like the Boys and Girls Scouts, without those oh-so-tasty Thin Mint cookies.

We think about people

We Think about People

One of the more regular emails we get are requests to attend various (and expensive) seminars. All kinds of them – ‘Communication Synergies”, “Brands in the Age of Engagement”, etc etc. But in these we see buzzwords and gimmicks. We believe people just want other people to be nice and honest, be wowed sometimes and have an occasional laugh. So that’s what we focus on. The Human Interaction. That’s not to say we are not strategic – we are. We’ll just let others go forward with their appvertising while their thought leaders push for grofits. Yeah, umm, we have no idea what we just said.

Who are these people?

Once we begin, you’ll start working with us a lot. And while our credentials are important, so are our personalities. You should know who’s got your back. This is our lean, mean, fighting machine team.

Jonah Rudy

Project Lead

Craig Chaffee

Sr. Developer

Ulises Gerardo

Art Director

Tabitha Bigbee

Social Media

George Tuft

Writer / Video

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