Breached Passwords

Has Your Password Been Breached?

2016 and 2017 brought massive password dumps from the likes of Yahoo and LinkedIn and we can be certain that the next year will bring even more. The practice of reusing passwords or cycling through a handful of passwords for all accounts allows for even further vulnerability.

If your password was breached from LinkedIn and you use that password elsewhere and you only change that password on LinkedIn, your exposure has not changed. The three most common practices with passwords are reusing them, rotating them, or changing one or two variables to them like a number at the end. Those looking to crack your passwords know this. Not only should this be a concern for every user, but should be a concern as an employer where employees have access to certain sensitive data.

As a policy, companies should use a password policy to enforce complexity, password expiration, utilize different passwords for each access, avoid sharing passwords through email or other unencrypted means, and require at least 8 characters per password.

There are multiple password generator tools online to help. This one from LastPass is one such tool.

To see if any of your passwords associated with your emails have been breached, please this link.