Finding Fresh Content for your Blog

Now that you’ve embraced blogging as a vital marketing tool for your business, you may find that sometimes inspiration for fresh content can be hard to come by. So here are some tools and ideas to help get those wheels turning again.

Inspiration Offline

Say you’re writing a blog about scuba diving (one of my favorite hobbies). I get 2 scuba diving magazines delivered to my house every month. There are tons of articles and topics that I can expand on, or challenge, from magazines. Whatever your blogging about, there’s probably a magazine or something in print that also covers it. If you’re running an e-commerce shop, you might see someone using one of your products. If you’ve got a camera phone, take a picture and write about it. Of course, try to get the person’s permission first to photograph them.

Other Blogs

Visit other blogs and add to the discussion. You might find a post on someone else’s blog that you want to write about as well. Perhaps even your comment itself will lend to a new discussion.


Forums can be a great source for material. People have questions that they post to forums. If the answer isn’t covered and you can write about it, you’ve just struck oil because you know there are people who want to read about it. So if you’re not a member of a forum, may I suggest you join one?

Guest Authors

Guest Authors are great ways to include a new perspective on a subject you write about. Often times, guest authors are experts in a given field. If you’re writing a medical blog, a specialist in Diabetes for example could generate new readership while giving your blog some authority on the topic.

Author Collaboration

How about writing an article with someone else? This could be a discussion on a topic from two or more different viewpoints. An article about relationships can can have two authors discussing a subject from both the male and female points of view.

Google and Yahoo Alerts

Let’s use my hobby of scuba diving one more time. We’ll assume that I have a blog about it, including dive locations, shipwrecks, marine life, scuba gear, etc. I can sign up for Google Alerts or Yahoo News Alerts to get emails daily or weekly with links to newly-indexed blog posts, news, press releases, and more for phrases I choose to watch. These phrases can be things such as ‘scuba diving gear’, ‘dive destinations’, etc. It’s a great way to let Google and Yahoo do some legwork on finding new content for you.

Your Readers

Your readers are probably the best source of information. They are reading your blog because there is something of interest to them. Why not ask them what else they are interested in knowing about for a particular subject? If they comment on a blog post, follow-up with them by commenting back. This could be a good way of starting a dialog on another subject or expanding on a current one. Perhaps one of them wouldn’t mind becoming a guest author? This is how a community is built.

There are tons of ideas, and this list is just the tip of the iceberg. So now that you have a few more tools in your arsenal, I’d love to hear from you to see what other ideas you might have.